“An IAB is conceptualized as a multipurpose format that incorporates aspects of a policy statement, research and education approach, strategic action instrument, and social awareness campaign, all rolled into one tool. IABs are the mechanism that serves as a prompt for operationalizing information actions through collaborations discussed in this chapter. The goal of using the IABs as a social justice tool is to encourage the research community to stretch itself and apply findings of their scholarship to take actions for direct community well-being and sustainability.”

-Albright, Chu, Du, and Mehra in “Inspiring Information Communities to Advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Information action briefs for social transformation”

The first page of the IAB should include:

  • The number and title of the SDG.
  • A complementary visual that represents the sustainable development goal.
  • The title of the IAB (this should be different than the name of the SDG and should apply the SDG to an information context).
  • What is our goal? 2-3 sentences that explain the goal of the IAB. What issues do you plan to tackle and how might you solve them?
  • Credits including authors, editors, your organization’s information, etc.

The second page of the IAB should include:

  • Why should we care? This section should describe the issue/background of the SDG or goal. What is preventing this goal from being achieved and why do we want to achieve it?
  • How is this related to information? This section should explain how information is either used to achieve this goal or why it is otherwise relevant. Include current research/citations at the end of this section.
  • Additional visuals
  • A short quote by a relevant person

The third page of the IAB should include:

  • How is this related to information? A continuation of the section from the previous page. Include your relevant citations at the end here.
  • What can I (or the profession) do? Create a list of ways that individuals or the profession as a whole can help. Categorize each list item using these areas: Practice [P], Service/community engagement [S], Education [E], and Research [R].
  • Additional Visual
  • Acknowledgments
  • Summary A short summary of the IAB

The fourth page of the IAB should include:

  • Infographics that contribute to the message of the SDG with citations. This page should be able to stand alone outside of the IAB