RESOURCES - Libraries Advancing the SDGs

SDGs - General

  • our About the SDGs page
  • "Indicator Wizard" (SDGFunders) - you or your organization can use this tool to deteremine which SDGs most closely align with your work. Paste a description of your work (e.g., an organization's mission statement) into the text box, and the wizard will list which SDGs most closely align with the stated text. The original website has been taken down (6/24) but is available at the Internet Archive <click here>.
  • "Operationalizing Leaving No One Behind"- An operational guide set by The United Nations to advance the SDGs promise of "leaving no one behind".
  • Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Addressing Sustainability and Development - Coursera course, University of Michigan.  FREE
  • The SDG Fund hosts an online library that compiles publications related to the Sustainable Development Goals

LIS Associations and the SDGs

  • American Library Association (ALA)
  • 2024 ARL President's Institute (Association of Research Libraries), February 8, 2024; San Diego | Theme: Embracing Sustainability—Libraries Leading the Way.  Using the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a tool for fostering individual and collective awareness and imagination, the 2024 President’s Institute will explore how libraries and museums contribute to sustainable development and how we can build awareness and actively participate in furthering this work.
  • Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)
  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • Norwegian Library Association [Norsk Bibliotekforening]. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals and library.[Use your browser's translator to translate from Norwegian to your language.]
  • Norwegian Children's Book Institute [Norsk Barnebokinstitutt]. The sustainability library - "This is a Norwegian version of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Book Club, and is adapted for children aged 6-12. It consists of children's literary book lists with activities for all 17 sustainability goals, and offers participants a literary and conversation-based understanding of the world's common work plan. The sustainability library has been developed in collaboration between many children's literary actors. The secretariat is at the Norwegian Children's Book Institute."

Libraries and SDGs

  • Elsevier. How will libraries deliver a sustainable future? (recorded webinar)
  • Libraries for Peace (L4P), an initiative by The Mortenson Center, provides a list of resources for celebrating Libraries for Peace Day each year.
  • Willems, Linda. Achieving the UN SDGs – is there a role for libraries?, May 24, 2022 - We hear from three experts who believe that libraries are ideally placed to drive and support contributions to the goals.
  • Willems, Linda. 7 ways that libraries can support and promote the UN SDGs at their institutions, August 1, 2022 -Experts share their top tips for libraries who want to get involved but don’t know how

Libraries Advancing SDGs - Best Practices

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