SDGs – General

  • Indicator Wizard” (SDGFunders) – you or your organization can use this tool to deteremine which SDGs most closely align with your work. Paste a description of your work (e.g., an organization’s mission statement) into the text box, and the wizard will list which SDGs most closely align with the stated text.
  • Operationalizing Leaving No One Behind“- An operational guide set by The United Nations to advance the SDGs promise of “leaving no one behind”.
  • Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Addressing Sustainability and Development – Coursera course, University of Michigan.  FREE
  • The SDG Fund hosts an online library that compiles publications related to the Sustainable Development Goals

LIS Associations and SDGs

Libraries and SDGs

  • Elsevier. How will libraries deliver a sustainable future? (recorded webinar)
  • Libraries for Peace (L4P), an initiative by The Mortenson Center, provides a list of resources for celebrating Libraries for Peace Day each year.
  • Willems, Linda. Achieving the UN SDGs – is there a role for libraries?, May 24, 2022 – We hear from three experts who believe that libraries are ideally placed to drive and support contributions to the goals.
  • Willems, Linda. 7 ways that libraries can support and promote the UN SDGs at their institutions, August 1, 2022 -Experts share their top tips for libraries who want to get involved but don’t know how

Libraries Advancing SDGs – Best Practices

Publishers, Researchers and Data Providers

Research Articles on Libraries and SDGs